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100-Acre Island (Union, ME)

Located at the northern end of Crawford Pond in Union (see map), 100-Acre Island is comprised almost entirely of an undisturbed hemlock forest. In 1999, three families - the Tappans, LaFarges and Birds - donated their undivided interests to the Georges River Land Trust to ensure the island would remain undeveloped and accessible to the community. A small point, known as Wedding Point, on the southeastern shore is still owned by one of the families - a place where they have traditionally gathered under the majestic hemlocks for family events. Picnic sites are designated along the shoreline for day use and a modest trail system exists along the southern shore. It is otherwise a wilderness island, allowing the Hemlock forest to grow and mature in its natural state. Public Access: The 100-Acre Island Preserve is open to the public for day-use only; no hunting is allowed. Camping overnight is permitted - however, the Crawfordland Lake Asssociation would like to limit your stay no more than 3 nights to be courteous of others who wish to camp. The island is only accessible by water and there is no public boat launch on Crawford Pond. Our suggestion is to camp at Mic Mac Cove Campground off Route 17 in Union, where you can rent a canoe or kayak and paddle across the pond to 100-Acre Island.